Monday, 29 July 2013

New Track: DJ Rashad

Chi-town footworker DJ Rashad released another impressive EP on Hyperdub last week, by the name of I Don't Give a Fuck. As it stands, this new EP is but another impressive addition to his canon, and it interestingly plays the yin to Rollin's yang; whereas Rollin struck quite an emotional chord with Rashad's choice of samples, I Don't Give a Fuck finds him, well, not giving a fuck, coming across as much lighter in tone. I would advocate that each of these 4 tracks are well worth your £2.50, but the choice cut has to be "Everybody", which manages the remarkable feat of taking a sample from the infamous Best Cry Ever video and turning it into a seriously amazing track, featuring all the hallmarks of Rashad's sound - throbbing bass, skittering drums, sharp synth lines and expertly chopped-up vocals. For my taste, this could be his greatest achievement yet, which speaks volumes for a man whose discography largely consists of peaks. Stream it below via YouTube.

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