Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Mix #2: //APEX 10k Mix

It sure feels good to hit 10,000 blog views, and to celebrate Joe and I have devised a mix that contains some of our favourite producers and artists - Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, Arca, DJ Rashad, Aphex Twin etc etc etc. It's all good stuff.

Thanks for checking out //APEX (or indeed J&J) over the past year or so, because seeing 10,000 pop up certainly left me feeling rather gratified, and I'd hazard a guess that Joe would say the same.

  1. 18+ tbo_intro (MIXTA2E) 
  2. Clams Casino Crystals (GTA V Soundtrack) 
  3. Flying Lotus rest ez (July Heat) 
  4. Ahnnu lit (pro habitat) 
  5. BEBETUNE$ H20 (inhale C-4 $$$$$) 
  6. Madvillain Sickfit (Madvillainy) 
  7. Lee Gamble Dollis Hill (Diversions 1994-1996) 
  8. D/P/I CLOUD S (Espresso Digital) 
  9. Boards of Canada Dawn Chorus (Geogaddi) 
  10. Jeremiah Jae x Beastie Boys Bl00d (Black Castle/Beastie Boys Remixes) 
  11. Forest Swords Thor's Stone (Engravings) 
  12. Hype Williams Unfaithful (One Nation) 
  13. Jai Paul Track 10 (Jai Paul Demos) 
  14. Paisley Parks Ghetto Jap (Бh○§†) 
  15. DJ Rashad I Don't Give a Fuck (I Don't Give a Fuck) 
  16. Hudson Mohawke You Got Money (Hudson's Heeters, Vol. 1 '06) 
  17. Foodman this is fue (「IROIRO」) 
  18. Arca Tapped In (Stretch 2) 
  19. Aphex Twin Windowlicker (Windowlicker) 

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